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The IRB Driver (IRBD) course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively drive and manage an Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) in surf rescue operations

Target Audience:


To enter the IRB Driver course candidates must have meet the follow course prerequisites:
  • Minimum of 17 years of age on the date of final assessment
  • Hold and be proficient in the following SLSA awards:
               Bronze Medallion 
               IRB Crew Certificate 

Learning Outcomes:

  • PUAEQU001 – Prepare, maintain and test response equipment
  • PUASAR014 – Operate and maintain a small power craft and motor for rescue operations

Learning Methods:

Special Needs and LLN Reasonable Adjustment

Surf Life Saving SA/NT recognises that students participating in its training courses may have special
needs. These may include but are not limited to students with language‚ literacy and/or numeracy problems‚ or disabilities. Students with special needs should contact us prior to enrolment to discuss their needs.


Participants will be assessed individually and in group activities. Participants need to display competency in all assessable elements to successfully complete the unit package PUAEQU001B – Prepare, maintain and test response equipment & PUASAR014A – Operate and maintain a small power craft and motor for rescue operations
Assessment is conducted using the following methods:
  • Scenario assessment – Participants are required to demonstrate the essential skills and knowledge to respond to a range of first aid or emergency situations, including scenarios aligned with the performance criteria required for this program.
  • Demonstration of IRB driver procedures – Participants will demonstrate safe IRB driver procedures, including scenarios, equipment set up and pack up etc.
  • Demonstration of various rescue techniques – Participants, individually and as a group, are required to demonstrate competency in a range of rescue techniques utilising the IRB.

Program Benefits:


  • This course includes the following elements:
  • Role of the driver
  • Leading the IRB crewperson
  • Communication skills for IRB Drivers
  • Equipment
  • Crewperson pre-operational duties
  • Driver pre-operational duties
  • Warming up for IRB personnel
  • Manual handling of the IRB
  • Introduction to IRB driving techniques
  • Equipment set up
  • Advanced driving skills
  • Rescue Operations
  • Advanced rescue operations
  • IRB emergencies